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Unravelling Oliver
Liz Nugent
'Stunning, shocking and superb' Frank McGuinness

Oliver Ryan is a handsome an charismatic success story. He lives a life of enviable privilege and ease with his wife, Alice. Enviable until, one evening after dinner, Oliver attacks Alice so viciously that he beats her into a coma.

Oliver is stunned by his own actions. In the aftermath, as everyone tries to make sense of this astonishing act of savagery, he tells his story. So do those whose paths he has crossed over five decades. What unfolds is both tragic and monstrous, a story of shame, envy and breath-taking deception and masterful manipulation.

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A Heart So Big
Rio Hogarty
One woman. 140 needy children. A foster mother's inspiring life story.

While she was still a child, Rio Hogarty thought nothing of bringing home a schoolmate who was at risk. It was the start of nearly seventy years of opening her home and her heart to children in need.

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The Savvy Guide to Making More Money
Susan Hayes
Nine simple steps to building your money-making muscle

Even at the best of times, making more money can seem daunting. And when it's not the best of times, it can seem impossible. However, you would be amazed how simple it is to fatten your bank balance if you go about it the right way.

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Wild Child
Alan Croghan
The jaw-dropping true story of a chaotic youth and an unlikely new life

From the moment his mother went into labour with him - on a transatlantic flight - Alan Croghan's life was chaotic. As a young boy in Coolock, north Dublin, he drank, smoked and bought Valium - from his father. He rarely attended school. What he loved best was stealing cars and driving them around.

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Becoming a Lion
Johnny Sexton
An intimate portrait of life at the highest levels of the professional game

As of May 2009, Johnny Sexton was the little-known backup fly-half for Leinster, the chronically underachieving Irish province. But when Felipe Contepomi went down with an injury early in the Heineken Cup semi-final against a dominant Munster team, Sexton came on, nailed a tricky penalty, and helped Leinster to a crushing victory.

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