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The Autobiography
Henry Shefflin
'The greatest player of this, or perhaps any, generation' Sean Moran, Irish Times

The long-awaited autobiography of the legendary hurler Henry Shefflin.

In an era when Kilkenny established itself as the dominant force in hurling, one man stood out from a remarkable group of players: Henry Shefflin.

Pulling the Strings
Peter Stringer

The long-awaited autobiography of Ireland's most beloved rugby player: Peter Stringer. When Peter Stringer played youth rugby, he was so small that people told his parents he shouldn't be allowed on the pitch. Fortunately for Munster and for Ireland, they paid no attention.

Seedless in Seattle
Ross O'Carroll-Kelly

Like the great Jesus Christ himself, I had a lot of shit on my mind when I hit 33 ... I had three new-born future Ireland internationals to feed, a daughter in need of psychiatric evaluation and a teenage son obsessed with uncovering the shameful secrets of our family's 1916 past.

Dear Cathy
Love, Mary
Catherine Conlon and Mary Phelan

In 1983 in a south Tipperary town two 18-year-olds take a tentative step into the future: Mary to study accountancy, Cathy to become an au pair in Brittany. For the following year they exchange long gossipy letters.

Dub Sub Confidential
John Leonard

John Leonard was a gifted Gaelic football goalkeeper who had the misfortune to reach his prime at the same time, and in the same county, as one of the all-time greats: Stephen Cluxton. Unless something happened to Clucko, Leonard was always going to be number 2. Of course, it didn't help that he had a problem with drink and drugs ...